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Hello, I'm the Doctor, I'm a time traveler, I've got two hearts, I'm 1200-ish. I like to travel around, grab random strangers, and go on crazy adventures. On occasion, I fight evil, and save the day. Also sometimes I lie, but I promise, at least some of that is true. Anyway, this is my tumblr... or blog, where I both tumble and blog about said adventures. You can ask me questions, keep track of my adventures, and I can answer your questions, and... also keep track of my adventures. Anyways I can tell we'll have a lot of fun together, so let's get started. Geronimo!!

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// Today marks the one year anniversary since I started posting on Pondblog. Since it coincides with Munday, I wanted to make a post talking a bit about how much this blog, as well as all of you, has meant to me over the last year. 

I started Pondblog because I adored cosplaying Amy, but didn’t have any DW cosplay friends at the time, and had only been to two conventions. I was starting to accrue quite the collection, and frankly I wanted to show them off! I would often find myself in the “Doctor Who cosplay” tag and see posts from answers-from-stormcage and doctor-shenanigans , and they just looked as though they were having so much fun. My friend Neda suggested that I start a cosplay RP blog too, but I never in my wildest dreams could have expected that I would find myself interacting with them. They were just so cool and so talented, and I was just sitting in my kitchen with a laptop; I didn’t have a TARDIS! 

Flash forward one year, and it still baffles me that we’ve come so far. I’m part of the team now (which I still can’t believe), and I have a family. When my ex and I split Team Shenanigans took such good care of me, and when I lost my apartment Doctor!Mun and Clara!Mun were willing to welcome me into their home with open arms (yes, you read that right. Amy is actually (temporarily) living on the TARDIS) and have been nothing but wonderful. River!Mun came to visit for my birthday and nearly gave her old mum a heart attack when she jumped out from under a tarp. 

And Rory!Mun…

Oh, Rory!Mun.

Here’s your Whovian Fairy Tale for the day, followers: Rory!Mun and I are actually, properly together. Took a bit of prodding, and really, it was nearly word for word that scene in, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” when Teen!Amy finds out. But I’m wildly happy, and I’d like to think she is as well. 

But that’s not the only thing misterwilliamsandmisspond has done; she actually fixed all my computer woes with a new Macbook for my birthday (named, “The Pandorica,” upon suggestion from the Doctor; because really, what else do you name a box-shaped item that shows Rory’s devotion / Rory going above and beyond what anyone else would do for Amy?). 

What does this mean for Pondblog? The one thing you’ve all been waiting for: I should officially be back to blogging on a semi-regular schedule. 

This brings me to my final point in this little Munday writeup: you guys. You are honestly the best followers in the entire world. You have been so insanely patient while I figured things out in my personal life, and I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. Some of you have sent me such kind messages, not only on here but on my personal blog as well, and there are even some of you who I’ve formed real and true friendships with, and I need you to know how much these mean to me. It’s wonderful to feel like I’ve touched even a few of your lives, and I hope you know how you’ve touched mine. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done over the last year, from the bottom of my heart. 

Love always and forever, 


Amelia Pond, it’s like a name from a fairy tale.

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// Psst… Guess what, everyone? It’s pondblog's birthday. She's awesome and you should totally tell her so. ;)

// Reblogging this for all those who didn’t see it last night, and doing it all sneaky like while she’s on her way home from work.

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doctor who + text posts night vale tweets | part 2/? (rtd edition)


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Doctor Who Re-watch: The David Tennant Specials

In which I tangent a bunch of times, talk about the Doctor as a person, and most people won’t read on, because they don’t want David Tennant to go.

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The Doctor - Doctor Who


The Doctor - Doctor Who

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What does the Doctor see in the mirror of Erised?


Dunno, never looked. 1200 years of life, I wouldn’t see desire, it’d be regret, and I wallow in that more than enough without having to see it, I can scarcely imagine what I’d see, but I know it’d be upsetting. 

So no Mirror of Erised 

How’s about the Sorting hat instead?

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Hey, Clara--you better keep the Doctor away from Zonkos and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes!

Oh, but look! These are my people! “Shenanigans for All!” These are my people!!

No! But… Clara… there’s… there’s so many things inside, wait, wait-!

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What's your favorite spell?

Oh, easy,  favorite spell; expelliarmus.. Easy to do, simple, and you’d be surprised how quickly people are willing to sort to other solutions when robbed of weapons. 

Did it a couple of times with the sonic, even did it to River… well Melody… one time. 

You can’t do spells with a sonic.

Well, technically they aren’t spells,  and the wands are merely a focus for latent psychic ener-

My favorite spell is the refilling charm. No need to get up, no need to buy more drinks, just boop and refill.

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Look! A dragon! Actually, a Takarian fire lizard. I gave one to River Song once, nearly burned down a village.

Look! A dragon! Actually, a Takarian fire lizard. I gave one to River Song once, nearly burned down a village.

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Ah, here we are, breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron, best breakfast spot in all of London.

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