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Hello, I'm the Doctor, I'm a time traveler, I've got two hearts, I'm 1200-ish. I like to travel around, grab random strangers, and go on crazy adventures. On occasion, I fight evil, and save the day. Also sometimes I lie, but I promise, at least some of that is true. Anyway, this is my tumblr... or blog, where I both tumble and blog about said adventures. You can ask me questions, keep track of my adventures, and I can answer your questions, and... also keep track of my adventures. Anyways I can tell we'll have a lot of fun together, so let's get started. Geronimo!!
I am really loving your Munday Doctor Who Re-Warch Series, Doctor!Mun! Any chance you'll do a re-watch of the 1996 Doctor Who Movie? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!! ~ HatEnthusiast!Anon.


// Ah, the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. That was the first bit of Doctor Who I ever watched you know. I can’t recall if I’ve actually sat down and watched it since I really got into this crazy life. What drastic gap!

Not only that, but come this November we’ll be attending the LI Who convention where the lovely Paul McGann will be! Well this seems like the perfect reason to sit down and rewatch.

But you know what? Let’s make it an event! Let’s get the whole team in on this!

This Friday, Team Shenanigans will be watching the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie! River (answers-from-stormcage) Amy (pondblog) Rory (misterwilliamsandmisspond)! And you know, let’s get the man himself in, The Eight Doctor! (doctorwhohandsomeboy) and hey, as long as we’re breaking the timeline for this special event, let’s go nuts maybe (no promises) we can even get the Tenth Doctor in there, and Clara(ask-the-impossible-girl), make it really special.

We’ll watch, we’ll post gifs of us watching, along with commentary, and we’ll even answer questions!

How does that sound Tumblr? Big event? Something you lot might enjoy? 

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Doctor Who Re-Watch: Series 2

Read on for a discussion of  the arrival of David Tennant, the way the show changes in small ways, and compare Doctor Who and Scooby Doo.

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….Way ahead of you, Anon.


// Disclaimer: I asked permission to do this from Amy!Mun and Rory!Mun beforehand. They know I love them and appreciate allowing me to sacrifice their hell-card. xD

PS: A note that I removed all the electronics beforehand and was careful to have a tub of water on-hand for safety. Kids, don’t play with fire without taking all the necessary precautions. Also never light anything on fire that has plastics or any sort of electronics. BURNING BATTERIES IS A NO-NO. THEY CAN EXPLODE IN AN ERUPTION OF TOXIC ACIDY STUFF.

PPS: VICTORY! First Team Shenanigans member to light something on fire on their blog! Sorry doctor-shenanigans. You snooze you lose!

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// Felt the need to prove the simultaneous awesomeness and horror that was getting a card that actually played the Birdie Song. pondblog and misterwilliamsandmisspond are terrible in the best way possible.

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Docto Who Re-Watch: Series One

So I’ve finished Series One, and I’m going to share my thoughts with you. Be warned though, there’s an awful lot of gushing about Chrisopher Eccelston below.

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Doctor Who Re-Watch

Hello, and happy Munday! This upcoming November I’m going to be running a panel at the Long Island Doctor Who con about the changing nature of the show. I thought, as a sort of practice it might be a good idea to do a write up contrasting and comparing Russell T. Davies, and Steven Moffat, seeing as I’ve seen a lot of people compare them, but usually in a “This one is terrible because look at how the other one handled this aspect” and I can’t say I like that method.

And the new series starting next month, it’s the perfect time to do a re-watch of the modern Doctor Who Series one through seven, both as prep for series eight, and as research for the above comparison; Davies was on the show from 2005-2010, Moffat has been on from 2010- present . so five years and four years respectively, by the end of Series 8, both will have worked on four series, (three with a younger Doctor, one with an older Doctor played by a distinguished actor.) RTD’s era had five companions, Moffat’s had four. It seems about as close to examining them under equal conditions as one would get.

So I’m going to watch the whole show, I’m going to try to be both as critical, and objective as I can. So not going to be generous, but also trying to avoid reading any agendas into things.

Why am I telling you this now though? Well because I’m going to end up with a lot of notes that won’t really fit with my final thoughts, and since it looks like I’ll finish a series, or block of specials or what not on a munday, I kind of wanted to share my thoughts on the individual series. So expect a new post about each series, and I’ll file them all under the tag #DoctorWhoRewatchFORSCIENCE!! And I’d love to get asks about my thoughts and have a real discussion with you guys, tell me about your favorites, and ones you didn’t like.

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Sometimes meetings between Time Lords and magical girls can end up awkward. 


Sometimes meetings between Time Lords and magical girls can end up awkward. 

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It’s always nice to have a tea party with someone who understands you.

Tea, jammy dodgers, tea, discussions of having to deal with a child who’s had their body altered by the bad guys, can show up a different age at different times, possesses knowledge beyond human understanding of time and space, has incredibly destructive power and an association with silence. 

It’s just a good time all around.

//Sailor Pluto; Aves Non Grata

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Tell us how you and Rory met. Please? I have always wondered...




I hit him in the face with a football during PE and had to take him to the Nurse’s station. Fast friends!

He was also one of the only people who didn’t think I was a complete lunatic when I would talk about the Doctor.

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