The Doctor's Shenanigans

Hello, I'm the Doctor, I'm a time traveler, I've got two hearts, I'm 1200-ish. I like to travel around, grab random strangers, and go on crazy adventures. On occasion, I fight evil, and save the day. Also sometimes I lie, but I promise, at least some of that is true. Anyway, this is my tumblr... or blog, where I both tumble and blog about said adventures. You can ask me questions, keep track of my adventures, and I can answer your questions, and... also keep track of my adventures. Anyways I can tell we'll have a lot of fun together, so let's get started. Geronimo!!

It’s always nice to have a tea party with someone who understands you.

Tea, jammy dodgers, tea, discussions of having to deal with a child who’s had their body altered by the bad guys, can show up a different age at different times, possesses knowledge beyond human understanding of time and space, has incredibly destructive power and an association with silence. 

It’s just a good time all around.

//Sailor Pluto; Aves Non Grata

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